Hi! My username (i certainly won’t use my real name here) is Ryuuji92, you can call me Ryuuji.
I’m starting this blog mainly because of three reasons:
*I want to share stuff with the internet, and I’m yet to found a better way than this blog.
*I need to gain speed at translating stuff, so I need to practice it as often as possible.
*I want to make a little money, so I feel I’m not wasting my time.

But don’t worry, I’m not asking any of you readers to pay for anything. It’s just that the server where I’ll upload the stuff I share will pay me (although it will be very little).

I will have this blog updated as often as possible, but I have work and school so “as often as possible” probably means once a week, maybe two.

I’m taking requests to translate stuff from either japanese or spanish to english, for free, although you can make a donation later, when I post my paypal account.
My current translating speed is about 10 manga/comic pages a day.

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